The Unbound Series: a Paranormal Romance Crossover

SUN IS BURNING – book 2 in the Unbound Series - is available NOW! (So is HAZY SHADE OF WINTER, book 1 in the series.)  Scroll down for information on how to get your copy today!

fall [fawl] – noun:  autumn; opaque veil; hairpiece.  -verb:  becoming less or lowering; to drop under force of gravity; to succumb to temptation.  -theology:    to take temporary leave of a job in the Heavenly Realm and descend to the Earthly Realm in hopes of locating one’s Soulmate.


Jude, a misfit teen, has been burdened by her own mysterious ability to hear ghosts since early childhood.  Ridiculed by her peers, she seeks refuge in a study-abroad program in England, unaware she is being hunted by demons and protected by a guardian angel, a Sentinel named Sam.  Meanwhile Sam faces his own struggles:  he would rather continue his 800-year search for his Soulmate, and has no idea that the woman he seeks is actually his very own, very vulnerable assignment.

Upon Jude and Sam’s discovery of their status, and with mankind’s survival hanging on Jude’s significant fate, the archangels must work swiftly to separate the star-crossed lovers and prevent an unholy collision with Destiny.  Jude is left to answer two impossible questions:  What do you do when the only person you could ever love is forbidden by Heaven and Earth to be with you?  What would you give to be with them?


paperback: $12.95 on Createspace (an Amazon subsidiary) or $12.95 on Amazon

ebook for all ereaders:  $2.99 on smashwords or $2.99 on itunes or $2.99 at the kindle store

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Only a year has passed since Jude West found – and then lost – her Soulmate, but everything has changed: Jude is a despondent college co-ed, lonely, brooding, and about to flunk out of school. Surrounded by disembodied spirits and target to a legion of demons, she has no desire to reengage in her life…particularly all alone.

Meanwhile Sam, Jude’s Soulmate, dreads receiving another rejection from management the next time he petitions to fall. Desperate to know if he and Jude have a future and unable to focus on anything else, his new job included, Sam plots to steal Jude’s Book of Life, living on the fringes of Heaven’s morality.

As Jude speeds toward an uncertain fate, both Sam and the archangels are uneasy…but when Jude considers marrying another man, Sam is forced to face his deepest, darkest fear:

What do you do if your Soulmate won’t wait?


paperback: $12.95 on Createspace (and Amazon subsidiary) or $12.95 on Amazon

ebook for all ereaders: $2.99 on smashwords or $2.99 at the kindle store

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